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Our management team have been with the company since we established in 1979 providing you of one of the most experienced teams in the industry.

We have extensive experience in the provision of insulation, energy-saving and now energy-providing solutions for a wide range of clients and have worked on may major contracts throughout the UK.

McNicol Insulation is one of the largest independent UK providers and installers of all types of insulation and energy saving providers. We are pleased to add our new division as distributors in heat pump and solar technology.
Our management team have been with the company since we established in 1979 providing you of one of the most experienced teams in the industry.

Our ISO 9001;2019 accredited quality management system and health and safety system provides you with the assurance of our commitment towards providing the best service possible that will be hard for any other contractor to match.

It is probable that you will come in contact with McNicols’ work on a daily basis – whether shopping in a major supermarket, visiting friends in hospital, working in an office or factory or dropping children off at school.”

Since we established in 1979 we have gained a reputation for commitment to quality, trust, client satisfaction and safe working practices. Our wide client base and long standing relationships with our clients is testimony to the excellent service we provide. Our expertise in energy saving through correctly specified insulation and our high quality workmanship have helped us to create our high quality standards.

Our team of long serving fully trained Thermal Insulation Engineers embrace our commitment to providing the highest standard of quantity workmanship and customer service.

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"I have been using McNicol Insulation for approximately 20 years and have always found McNicol Insulation helpful,

From dealing with their Estimate Department and then their Site Management Teams, McNicol Insulation are a company that will work with you to assist to get the job done with competitive prices.

Their works have always been of a high Standard on my Sites and to specification.”

– Tim Killips
Contracts Manager, James Frew Ltd

Delivering quality through service since 1979.


Thermal Insulation Contractors Association T.I.C.A. is the national association representing UK Companies involved in providing insulation services. As full members of T.I.C.A we have taken on board their expertise and they have assisted us in achieving the highest quality standards of workmanship and services we can provide. For more information go to:


Insulation and Environmental Training Agency I.E.T.A. is the training body associated with T.I.C.A. They are responsible for training programmes throughout the UK providing opportunities for apprentice training and now also providing opportunities for mature students who want to enter the industry. For more information go to:


BESA is the national association representing heating and ventilation contractors in the UK. We are also full members of BESA and again have allowed their expertise to assist towards the high standards of service we provide. For more information go to